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Security Training and Awareness

Security Training and Awareness

We understand the importance of education and training.  With technologies changing constantly, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the skills necessary for success.  We provide training in different areas of security and technologies, along with certification training preparation.  Our training staff is well experienced in bringing cutting edge training courses to the company.  Our certification training meets the Department of Defense 8570 requirements.

Courses will be provided either online or on-site.  Our instructors are available to come to your office to provide the training. Our classroom size for the online training will be limited to 10 students. For onsite training, classroom size will be limited to between 10-15 students.  We feel this way, we can ensure our instructors can provide the most value to each student.

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Private on-site training sessions are also offered.

For more information, you can either write us by using our Contact Us page, or call 240-547-9204.

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