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Job Openings

Job Openings


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Top Secret Clearance with Polygraph required at start

Data Scientist 3

Data Processing: Data management and curation, data description and visualization, workflow and reproducibilityModeling, Inference, and Prediction:  Data modeling and assessment, domain-specific consideration. Ability to make and communicate principal conclusions from data using elements of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and applications-specific knowledge. Ability to use analytic modeling, statistical analysis, programming, and/or another appropriate scientific method, develop and implement qualitative and quantitative methods for characterizing, exploring, and assessing large datasets in various states of organization, cleanliness, and structure that account for the unique feature and limitations inherent in IC data holdings. Translate practical mission needs and analytic questions related to large datasets into technical requirements and, conversely, assist others with drawing appropriate conclusions from the analysis of such data. Effectively communicate complex technical information to non-technical audiences. Make informed recommendations regarding competing technical solutions by maintaining awareness of the constantly shifting National Agency collection, processing, storage, and analytic capability and limitations.


Relevant experience must be in designing/implementing machine learning, data science, advanced analytical algorithms, programming (skill in at least on high level language (e.g. Python), statistical analysis (e.g. variability, sampling error, inference, hypothesis testing, EDA, application of linear models), data management (e.g. data cleaning and transformation), data mining, data modeling and assessment, artificial intelligence, and/or software engineering. 

Bachelor’s Degree with 10 years of relevant experience, Associates degree with 12 years of experience may be considered for individuals with in-depth experience that is clearly related to the position.  

Systems Engineer 2

Analyzes user’s requirements, concept of operations documents, and high-level system architectures to develop system requirements specifications. Analyzes system requirements and leads design and development activities. Guides users in formulating requirements, advises alternative approaches, and conducts feasibility studies. Provides technical leadership for the integration of requirements, design, and technology. Incorporates new plans, designs and systems into ongoing operations. Develops technical documentation. Develops system Architecture and system design  documentation. Guides system development and implementation planning through assessment or preparation of system engineering management plans and system integration and test plans. Interacts with the Government regarding Systems Engineering technical considerations and for associated problems, issues or conflicts. Ultimate responsibility for the technical integrity of work performed and deliverables associated with the Systems Engineering area of responsibility. Communicates with other program personnel, government overseers, and senior executives.


Fourteen (14) years experience as a SE in programs and contracts of similar scope, type and complexity is required. Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering Science, Engineering Management, or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Five (5) years of additional SE experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.

Also, must have at least seven (7) years of the following:
1) QA, CM
2) Manage requirements and requirements process
3) Applying risk mgmt principles
4) System test programs
5) Troubleshooting, monitoring
6) Scripting bash/python
7) System architecture
8) UNIX, Linux, Windows
9) MS Office

Software Engineer 2

The Software Engineer develops, maintains, and enhances complex and diverse software systems (e.g., processing-intensive analytics, novel algorithm development, manipulation of extremely large data sets, real-time systems, and business management information systems) based upon documented requirements. Works individually or as part of a team. Reviews and tests software components for adherence to the design requirements and documents test results. Resolves software problem reports. Utilizes software development and software design methodologies appropriate to the development environment. Provides specific input to the software components of system design to include hardware/software tradeoffs, software reuse, use of Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS)/Government Off-the-shelf (GOTS) in place of new development, and requirements analysis and synthesis from system level to individual software components


Fourteen (14) years experience as a SWE in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Four (4) years of additional SWE experience on projects with similar software processes may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.
1) Java Application Frameworks (Spring 3 or 4, Hibernate, or other current Java Application Frameworks)
2) Object Oriented Computer Languages (JavaSE or JavaEE , C++, etc.)
3) REST Application Program Interfaces
4) Web development
5) Database Management Systems (MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, etc.)
6) NoSQL Databases (Lucene, Solr, Mongo, etc.)
7) Lucene based applications (Splunk, Elasticsearch, Solr, etc.)
8) Linux Development and Administration
9) Eclipse


Please email resumes, which job(s) you’re interested in including title, RQ#, and salary requirements to  

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